Thursday, November 11, 2010

Made me laugh

Just a little update, Magnolia Square markets is on today, tomorrow and Sunday. I'll have my lovely friend Djava there today minding my stall and I will be in later in the evening. I'll also be there tomorrow morning and Sunday. My sister Rosie will be there with me tommorrow. Thanks guys!

I was working away this morning and found this image, I just had to post it. I love little critters. You may have noticed from my drawings. How cute and funny it is! I love it.

Okay, now back to more serious work.... till next time. May the force be with you. : )


Rosie said...

Hi Nikki, Good luck with Magnolia. Have heaps of fun and maybe we'll meet again some day...

Nikki Catalano said...

Thanks rosie, I'm sure we will! I plan on visiting my grandpa in Tasmania sometime in early next year, may see you then if not another market! X