Thursday, July 07, 2011

Preparing for Art Workshop - Childrens Hospital Randwick

Hi there,

Its already July!! and its been a long time between posts! Mi dispiace!!

I've been asked back for another workshop by the captains of the Starlight room.... The last one was a success and this time we are going to do something even more fun... creating a forest together.

We will use pencil, paint, fabric, cut paper, texters... whatever we can get our creative hands on.

The children will be free to use their imaginations and add whatever they would like to the forest.... could be birds, ladders, a tent, giant worms, and monsters... I'm sure they can come up with even better ideas.

I will make sure all their names appear next to the artwork when it is put up in the Starlight room for all the kids, adults and Captains to enjoy...

Looking forward to it!!! :)

I'll post what it looks like after tomorrow... wooo hooo

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